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Our natural environment was be destroyed everyday by single use plastic, the discarded plastic contaminates a wide rang of natural terrestrial, fresh water and marine habitats. More than billions straws are use for moment before being discard. It also presents a hazard to marine creature and leaching toxic in to the soil.

Plastic straw destroying our planet
Plastic straw destroying our planet

Plastic straws can persist at the sea surface or seabed for subtantial periods, it mays subsequently facilitate to transform of non native or “alien” species. Some of them could remain hundreds year in the soil and decades debris on the sea surface, Fewer people know that early in 2017 a whale died with 30 plastic bags in its stomach or that by 2050 there is predicted to be more plastic in the sea than there are fish.

It is important that sociaty begins seeking to the friendly ecosystem product in order to replace for plastic product.Turning to nature to find solution to our wasteful habit, VINABAM join hand to finding the substainable solution to single use plastic. Why bamboo straws? Our insperation comes from nature. And bamboo is indeed one of nature’s most versatile plants.

Bamboo is a safe, natural alternative that doesn’t endanger marine life or pollute the environment, it is a perfect example of replacing an ecologically damaging product.

Our commitment to sustainability is central to our business model and operation. Our bamboo straws are hand-crafted, zero emissions, all natural, free from chemical fertilizers, pesticides, bleaches, detergents or sanitizers. Bamboo straws are the only compostable reusable straw on the market. In fact, bamboo produces 35% more oxygen than trees and actually helps to repair the environment. As part of our commitment to promoting environmental awareness and as well as creation job for ethnic group in the mountainous area in Vietnam.

Bamboo forest in Vietnam

Unlike the production processes of other reusable straws ( metal straws, glass straws, paper straws) ours are 100% handmade in Thanh Hoa Province in Vietnam, organic and diswasher-safe. Every bamboo eco friendly straw is unique with its own shape, width and When they are outlived their use, return them to the earth.

By supporting our products you are join hand to spread the awareness about protecting environment for future. Your contribution is helping to improve the standard of living for local communities in Vietnam.

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