Bamboo the winner

  1. Unlike wood, bamboo is not a tree, but actually a grass – but don’t be fooled! Bamboo was actually used as reinforcement for concrete instead of steel at one point, and was also used to support bridges (comparably just as strong as steel).
  2. Bamboo reaches it’s full level of maturity before harvesting – about 5-7 years (Wood is about 30 years until harvest)
  3. Because Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial & anti-fungal, bamboo is grown without the use of toxins, pesticides, or fertilizers, totally wild.
  4. Bamboo is not porous and stronger than any oak, or wood , making them water resistant and stain resistant.
  5. Absorbs very little moisture, so it won’t shrink unlike it’s wooden counterparts.
  6. Bamboo is harder than maple and oak which makes it the ideal material for a lighter weight, stronger, and superior choice for kitchen utensils and cutting boards when trying to decide between bamboo and wood.

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